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If you are a school ordering, please contact Gaspard directly.

For bulk or international orders, please call 1-800-707-7700 to place your order.


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Alpha Omega Program

Gaspard’s Alpha Omega Program is a comprehensive graduation service designed to take the stress out of planning and managing a graduation ceremony and provide support for all your institution’s academic regalia needs. The Alpha Omega Program embodies a number of services:

Online Registration System

Regalia Duo

Our online registration system allows graduands to register, use e-commerce, receive confirmation, and amend their registration, removing the burden of administrative work from your school. Simply inform Gaspard when the regalia reservation website should be opened and closed, and the graduand will have twenty-four hour access during this period to register for their particular ceremony and reserve regalia. Our team of highly knowledgeable specialists are available to answer any and all questions regarding the straightforward registration process. Your administrator can monitor the registrations and can access real-time data by ceremony, graduand, or degree. Faculty registration is available upon request. Please contact us for a demonstration of our online registration system and further details on designing a program for your institution.

Inventory Storage Service

Gaspard stores it's regalia at it's state-of-the-art storage and distribution facilities across Canada. This ensures each gown and hood is maintained and in fine repair. It also removes the need for schools to find their own storage space. Before shipping, each gown is cleaned, pressed, and packaged in a biodegradable bag clearly labeled with the graduand's name, degree, and date and time of the ceremony. In the event of late registration, Gaspard will have extra regalia on-hand. Gaspard's guarantee is that each graduand will have a gown and the appropriate hood; even if it means last-minute manufacturing. We will increase our inventory to match the needs of your school.

On-Site Representative

Gaspard will provide an on-site representative to oversee set up, distribution, and returns. As well, Gaspard will be responsible for all staffing requirements to ensure the event runs smoothly. Our preference is to employ students or other people familiar with your institution.

On-Site Registration

Gaspard will provide all the necessary equipment to accept late registrations and payments and will ensure additional regalia is available should it be required.

Pack Up

Gaspard is responsible for packing and shipping all regalia, racks, and computer equipment.

Un-Returned Regalia

Gaspard is responsible for tracking and retrieving all un-returned regalia.

Reimbursement Program

In the event the price your institution is charging the graduands is greater than the contract price you have with Gaspard, Gaspard will issue a reimbursement for the difference. This program applies to regalia ordered both online and on site.