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If you are a school ordering, please contact Gaspard directly.

For bulk or international orders, please call 1-800-707-7700 to place your order.


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Why We’re Canada’s Number One Choice

NO WORRIES Order Convenience

With offices and fully staffed distribution centres stretching from Vancouver to St. John’s, Gaspard has the on-site flexibility to deal with the last minute order amendments and ceremony curve balls that can sometimes catch you by surprise on your big celebration day.

ALL ABOUT YOU Order Processing

We’ve been celebrating big days with grads across Canada for over 100 years and get how important this day is for everyone involved! So right from the get-go, the process is all about YOU. Your colour. Your timing. Your special order requests.

LEAVE IT TO US Order Retrieval

We understand better than anyone that grad days can be busy days, so our cost effective grad gown retrieval service may be just the answer to help lighten your load and keep you relishing in the afterglow of wonderful individual achievements. Our on-site support team are more than happy to look after everything from pick-up to pack-up.

Great Canadian Graduations Order Guide

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Digital Grad Kit

Place Your Order

Gaspard is focused on reducing the impact our products and services have on the environment.  You can help us by submitting your order electronically.  Follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the Excel format Graduation Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel is required).
    • Go to Order Forms page to download our order forms.
    • Save spreadsheet to your computer
    • Open the Excel spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and read the information on the instructions tab and follow the instructions to complete the spreadsheet.
  2. Complete the Summary tab
  3. Complete the Faculty order tab
  4. Complete the Student order tab
  5. SAVE your completed spreadsheet
  6. Email the completed spreadsheet to orders@gaspard.ca (include the name of your school, city, and account number in the subject line of your email)

Contact a Gaspard grad representative for more information or assistance:

Western Canada:
1266 Fife Street
Winnipeg MB R2X 2N6
1 (866) 949-5712

Eastern Canada:
1035 Rangeview Road
Mississauga ON L5E 1H2
1 (866) 949-5722

Quebec Canada:
4800 Hickmore 
St. Laurent, QC H4T 1K2 
1 877 666-4696